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The wedding and the time will be quiet and pious, since it is a time of unrest and economic difficulty for the country.As a result, I ask that you understand that we cannot tell you [about the ceremony].Korean celebrity Rain confirmed that he will be marrying actress Kim Tae-hee in an announcement via a handwritten letter, according to K-Pop Herald.“I am ready to be a good husband and a man as the head of a household.In a surprise post on his official Instagram, Rain announced (via a sweet handwritten letter) that he and Kim Tae-hee are getting married.According to a number of reports, the wedding ceremony will be held on February 19 though this has yet to be confirmed by Rain or Kim Tae-hee at the time of writing."He breached regulations against having private meetings while on official duty," the ministry spokesman said.The punishment was one of the lightest options open to the disciplinary committee.

Rock star John Wetton has died today following a battle with cancer, according to his Asia bandmates.

Some suggested he be forced to repeat his military service like the "Gangnam Style" star Psy, who was made to serve twice after it emerged he had furthered his showbiz interests during his first stint.

Military service is taken extremely seriously in South Korea, which remains technically at war with North Korea because the 1950-53 Korean War ended with a ceasefire rather than a peace treaty.

From long-time girl groups disbanding, variety show mishaps, to marriage – here’s a roundup of news from this month.

Hopefully next month will be just as packed, but with no disbandments or dating scandals. Say it ain’t so, but another legendary girl group has disbanded. Named as queens of the second generation of K-pop idols, they announced the four member group will be disbanding after they release their final single.

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