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In this book is gathered a collection of old picture post¬cards, selected to illustrate the history of Rowlands Gill and district.

The oldest settlements in the area were hamlets that existed in the days of Saxon Northumbria.

Examples of Secretary hand - but there are probably many others available on the web.

An added complication is that probate is usually written in Latin.

Even in those days traffic through the hamlet was fairly frequent, as anyone whishing to cross the Tyne to avoid the authorities or the bridge at Newcastle used this road.

The narrowness of the old Newcastle bridge meant delays to any drovers of sheep or cattle, which ensured that the ford at Huntlayshaugh was kept busy.

In Baildon, Coach Road remains closed between Otley Road and Green Lane.

One of the best-known memorials to the fallen of the Second World War is also among the least visited.

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The list below is is very difficult as you are often dealing with faded, out of focus or damaged documents written in Court or Secretary hand where the formation of letters was significantly different from that used today.

Soldiers, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service and the police have been helping communities.

Andrew Gallant, Acting Chief inspector of Bradford neighbourhoods, said: "We are more than happy to support the local authority and it never ceases to amaze me how people from every walk of life come together in their greatest time of need, the community’s resilience and resourcefulness have been the foundation of a partnership to stabilise many of those who’ve been affected.

In manuscripts, words are often spelt in various ways, even in the same document.

It was not until the appearance of the dictionary by Nathan Bailey in 1730 and Samuel Johnson in 1755 that there was any attempt at standardisation.

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