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But police are now investigating the article as a 'hate crime'.

Commenting on the midfielder who was punched in a Liverpool city centre bar in the early hours of Monday, Mac Kenzie wrote in his column: 'Perhaps unfairly, I have always judged Ross Barkley as one of our dimmest footballers.'There is something about the lack of reflection in his eyes which makes me certain not only are the lights not on, there is definitely nobody at home.'I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo.

Take a look at Liverpool’s outdoor dating options and you’ll be ready for some al fresco dating when the sun comes out.

A stroll around Albert Dock reveals some of the best attractions that Liverpool has to offer.

The physique is magnificent but it's the eyes that tell the story.'So it came as no surprise to me that the Everton star copped a nasty right-hander in a nightclub for allegedly eyeing up an attractive young lady who, as they say, was 'spoken for'.'The reality is that at £60,000 a week and being both thick and single, he is an attractive catch in the Liverpool area, where the only men with similar pay packets are drug dealers and therefore not at nightclubs, as they are often guests of Her Majesty.'The article, which was published a day before the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster which killed 96 Liverpool fans, caused outrage in Liverpool and among outspoken stars such as Joey Barton and Gary Lineker.

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” There can be quite a waiting list to experience life behind the Smeg fridge, so make sure you tell someone straight away so you can get in when you’re done with dinner.Mersey Ferries offers a 50 minute river explorer cruise, which takes you downstream to see the city from the water, looking at the architecture of this exciting city along the way.Avoid the Mersey ferry at peak times, though; or you may end up clashing with the Liverpool commute.Anderson reported the article to police, saying Mac Kenzie was 'racist' towards Barkley who has a Nigerian grandfather.Mac Kenzie, 70, last night said he did not know about Barkley's family background and that it was 'beyond parody' for critics to describe his article as 'racist'.

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