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They finished 72–10 and are now sitting around, shaking in their Js, watching as the Warriors steam roll their way through the record books.. When I got to the hotel, I called Dray and he was asleep. Me tweeting was like my way of me being at the game cause I was tweeting what I would be saying at the game. So that first year, I could do whatever and say whatever.

Whether she’s your middle child’s soccer coach, a fellow PTO member, or an old neighbor you thought youd never ever EVER see again, you’ve found yourself catching up with a fellow Mother.

You look at a guy like that, who screams and pounds on his chest, who never backs down, and you wonder You can find Mary Babers-Green on Twitter anytime the Warriors are playing, telling it like it is, letting the Warriors' players and coaches know what, exactly, they're doing wrong and, more fervently, letting their opponents know what they're doing even Did you watch the Bucks loss last weekend? And once he learns how to catch, take a tennis ball and throw it at his face." Did you see them after the game? Not to say, oh we want to lose, but saying, now we can go back to learning. He was like, “We was playing in championship mode every night. My daughter lives with me too so if I’m upstairs shouting, she’s downstairs shouting.

It was draining.”Are you as active in real life watching games as you are on Twitter?

You don't need to be a basketball fan to know that's remarkable. That was the worst time because the police threw me out.

You more likely need to be a basketball fan to know that the greatest NBA team ever was the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. I’ve done this since Dray was in college [at Michigan State under coach Tom Izzo]. Once he got in the NBA, I was actually tweeting his games, I just didn’t have any followers.

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