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The New Directions Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has the tools and resources designed to help you overcome life challenges that can affect your health, family life or job performance.The tools in this section can help you and your loved ones begin to address those challenges.The Differex™ System is the first and only system that allows a forensic laboratory to automate every step of differential extraction.Direct compatibility with the DNA IQ™ System and downstream STR applications allows you to be confident in your ability to obtain results regardless of your choice of STR systems.To je stoga što upravo taj sustav generira mjesečne račune za pretplatnike i obračunava u realnom vremenu potrošnju prepaid korisnika, kojih Tele2 u Hrvatskoj ima više od 700.000 i koji putem tog sustava donesu operateru prihod od milijardu kuna godišnje.

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The Differex™ System is used in combination with the DNA IQ™ System and Slicprep™ 96 Device on robotic platforms to process up to 48 differential extractions in less than 5 hours, including incubation time, and less than 1 hour of hands-on time.

I’m so thankful for this company benefit.” —Manager In order to connect with people and help them understand where you’re coming from, you have to do more than just state your point.

Communication is complex and often learning how to communicate effectively requires practice and skill.

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