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Both managed to finish their platter, which included emu liver, part of an ostrich's anus and live beechworms, but it was Poynter who won the hearts of the viewers.

Mc Busted star Dougie Poynter has confirmed that he is in a relationship with pop singer Ellie Goulding.

It’s so inspiring to see marches and beautiful writing and creative work.

There’s so much power and a grace coming out of so many people who have so much to lose, and the human spirit is incredible. And I want to learn how to fight better.” For more from Emma, visit Marie

We've bumped into each other and we've hung out and stuff, but the thing is if I hang out with someone, it's instantly like I'm 'dating' them. tabloid quoted Goulding as saying she "is not in a relationship anymore and that's been hard." The singer has not commented about the report.

We were never in a relationship."Goulding had also said in a 2015 interview with In 2014, rumors swirled that Sheeran's hit "Don't" was about Goulding cheating on him with Horan. Goulding recently released a single titled "On My Mind," which some fans have linked to the Sheeran rumors."My song is not about him," Goulding told in an interview published earlier this year. Dougie is respectful of that."British tabloids have often speculated about their relationship status. The newspaper also said she told the outlet she planned on "quitting the music industry next year to get over the heartache." Goulding tweeted Thursday, "I am not quitting music, I've come too far for that!

After careers in banking an TV, fashion seems to be his next venture as he pulled his very best poses to strut the runway in a bizarre pair of grey trousers with velvet espradrilles complete with a studded adornment (second left) For his turn on the trendy runway on Saturday, the dashing star wore a stunning suit complete with intricate oriental-inspired detailing.Joe Alwyn is one of Britain’s fastest rising acting stars, a born and bred Londoner – and Taylor Swift’s rumoured new boyfriend.The 26-year-old Crouch End native has reportedly been enjoying a new romance with the US pop superstar after a string of dates around the capital.Leading the way was I'm A Celebrity winner and Mc Fly star Dougie Poynter, who was joined by Made In Chelsea pioneer Spencer Matthews, TOWIE star Jake Hall and X Factor runner-up Josh Cuthbert- as they led 'influential millennials' in the show.Dolce and Gabbana showcased the latest in their stunning collections while utilising a number of UK stars along the runway - in a shock move given the incredible line-up of celebrities to previously lead their shows.

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