Online dating services experience tips for writing a good online dating profile

We tend to have a hopelessly romantic view of courtship.Movies teach us that love begins with a meet-cute and ends with a storybook proposal.Specifically, we're talking introverts versus extroverts. So we decided to chat with two very different women (both straight, in this case) to see how they felt when they were on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and the like.

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(Don't worry, neither of them had any of their own online-dating horror stories to report.) What’s your dating app of choice? Hinge was really cool because it made sure we had mutual friends, and Happn was cool, until you realized that you would walk past someone who just popped up. So the one I took most seriously was Bumble."Emily: "The first time I downloaded Tinder was when it first came out, and it was only available on i Phone. I do Bumble, too, but it’s a little glitchy for me.

Samantha: "I first downloaded a ton — Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Hinge, and another one — because I was writing a story. I also tried Coffee Meets Bagel, but you only get one match a day, and that wasn’t enough for me."How often do you use your dating app?

S: "I had Bumble for maybe eight or nine months before deleting it, and now I’ll download it again every now and then.

I grew up and into an era during which the Internet has basically informed much of my identity and sparked many of my most important relationships — I’ve met some of my closest friends via sites like Live Journal and Tumblr.

And today, there’s no twentysomething I know who hasn’t met a bae or a jump off via some app or online service.

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