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Failed relationships with people who can't cope with the partner's long hours or stress level often make emergency services personnel interested in meeting people within their own line of work. Founded by a New Jersey police officer, The Badge dating site is designed for people who understand the unusual shifts these workers have, as well as the pressures of the job.

The site focuses on single police officers, firefighters, EMTs and military singles.

Letters are always part of a real or imagined exchange with others, a gesture of dialogue by definition, occasioned and formed from without by a rich array of discursive pressures, and impressed from within by the presence of another, or others, to whom one is writing.

In this sense, its natural that the epistolary medium plays a key role in Doubled Flowering, a book that is all about otherness.

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Likewise, in Also, with My Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords, disparate grammars and viewpoints are constantly interflowing, among them, prominently, those of Motokiyu and his invented fellow-editor/translators, Kyojin and Norinaga, whose footnoted explanations and puzzled meditations regarding what Yasusada is really up to make up around a third of the total text.

U Search U e How Contributor Follow Pin Share Tweet Share Email Save Shares & Saves If you're a police officer looking for romance, or if you're interested in dating a police officer, a few dating websites offer opportunities to meet singles in that career field.

Some of these sites include firefighters, emergency medical technicians and military personnel, also. Some initiators of police officer dating sites work in the field themselves and can relate to the profession's demands and the difficulty of meeting potential romantic partners.

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