Speed dating in singapore

Never mind if you’ll become a crazy cat lady in ten years, you can worry about that tomorrow.So we decided to check out a dating event to see just what the deal is.Two lucky participants will also go home with a Hush In A Box; an all-you-need kit to have your very own mini Hush Experience at home.meet a bunch of new people is enough to have you retreating back into bed.We also took the liberty of asking the experts there for some easy ways to score at speed dating.We all know that looks matter when it comes to making a first impression, so make sure you look your finest.You are given just enough time to form an impression of your potential date and to assess whether or not you would like to meet them again to spend more time to get to know each other better.Most speed dating events tend to follow the same rules.

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Later, you'll be paired with another participant at the session, whom you'll get to know of more after both of you have sat in silence (and perhaps pick up some a couple of phrases in sign language), because according to them, "..[this person] understands your silence, [this person] will understand your words." Throughout the session, you'll get to try five of the 12 different types of original tea selection blended in-house and an exclusive Valentine's Day dessert from the restaurant (all we know at this point is that it's a flowery cake).

As if the planets had aligned and Cupid decided to take me on a ride, the option of speed dating opened up for me.

Usually, a date would be tea and a movie, or just lunch.

Participants who sign up are invited to single venue.

The Meet Up Tables are usually set up where the women of the group will sit.

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