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Did she really ram her head into that car door in that Season 4 episode? He always wants us to come in there, and he'll do a big sushi lunch once a week. When I was pregnant, or whenever I hurt myself and am recovering, he's always like, 'Where's Kaitlin's chair? You can see that he sits back and smiles when somebody's complimenting the show." data-reactid="54""They had a stunt double there, and I was like, 'Yeah, but you're going to watch [me] all the way out and then [the double] throw her body.' I think that's part of the acting. So, yeah, I needed to see a chiropractor many times afterwards, but whatever, it worked out."5. She should be sitting down.' And he's also very proud. I think that, instead of taking that compliment personally, he's proud of his kids for doing a great show.Though, considering Taran made his first appearance on Cobie's hit show How I Met Your Mother back in 2006, one has to wonder if these "mutual friends" were actually just some cast mates!

Mc Crary started as a child actor making his debut in the 1987 film Big Shots.

Family Matters ran from 1989 to 1998 and aired 215 episodes over nine seasons.

He also appeared on the soap opera The Young and the Restless as Malcolm Winters.

Adam & Steve 2005 - After getting together for a calamitous one-night stand in the 1980s, single gays Adam and Steve don't see each other again until they cross paths 17 years later.

Amazingly, it takes a year of dating for them to realize they've already met.

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    The Tennessee native is about to take the world by storm, and he is giving us all major Ed vibes. Riverdale is one of those series that has come along and you weren't exactly sure how it was going to be, but after the first episode you immediately got sucked in and now you're anxiously waiting...